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Key Features + Benefits

Kristin is an expert at empowering women to identify and remove toxic roots that are holding them back from achieving their goals. Her She Succeeds life coaching program offers three key features that deliver an array of benefits to clients looking to reach their full potential.



Are you ready to unlock your full potential, embrace your inner strength, and step into your own success story? At She Succeeds Confidence Coaching, we believe that every woman has the power within her to achieve greatness.

Accessible Support

One of the main benefits of the She Succeeds program is its accessibility. Kristin offers ongoing support through various means of communication including phone, email, and virtual sessions.


Benefit 1

Increased Accountability

Regular check-ins and support from Kristin ensure that clients stay on track and maintain momentum towards their goals. This increased accountability is crucial for maintaining focus and achieving results.


Benefit 2


With access to virtual sessions and support options, clients can receive coaching regardless of their location or schedule. This added flexibility makes it easier for busy women to prioritize their personal development and growth.

Holistic Approach

The She Succeeds program takes a holistic approach to coaching, addressing all areas of a woman's life including personal, professional, and health.


Benefit 1

Improved Health and Wellness

By addressing the physical and mental health of clients, She Succeeds helps women feel better and perform at a higher level. This leads to greater success in all areas of life.


Benefit 2

Greater Work-Life Balance

By focusing on all areas of a woman's life, She Succeeds promotes work-life balance and helps clients find harmony in all aspects of their life. This balance is crucial for maintaining happiness and success over the long-term.


Overall, the She Succeeds life coaching program provides women with a personalized, accessible, and holistic approach to achieving success in all areas of life. With benefits such as improved self-esteem, enhanced problem-solving skills, increased accountability, and improved health and wellness, there's no limit to what women can achieve with Kristin's expert guidance.

Make it Happen

  • She Succeeds 8 week program is available for $997 and gives you:

  • 8 weekly one/one coaching sessions

  • lifetime access to all materials / sessions

  • weekly follow up/accountability access to Kristin

  • Don't wait until tomorrow - TODAY is yours for the taking!


What Clients Say


“Kristin has completely changed the game for me when it comes to confidence. I now use her techniques in all areas of my life and I'm seeing huge results. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to boost their confidence and change their life!”

Amber R., 33

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